We offer a comprehensive Health and Safety service for audiovisual and performing arts productions, Health and Safety Plan elaboration to its elaboración del Plan hasta su implementation, with an online information and training platform available that streamlines processes.


Health & Safety Plan Implementation for the production

Health & Safety coordinator designated to:

Health & Safety coordinator designated to:

· Delivery of the registration documents of the actions carried out: receipt, visit reports, CAEs, daily risk assessment, etc.

· Roles and responsibilities establishment for the proper Health & Safety Plan application. Compilation and archiving of the generated documents.

· Promote the safe behaviour, the correct use of the PPE and equipment/tools, also encourage the cooperation and interest of the crew to integrate the preventive actions and acts.

· In particular, encourage the basic preventive actions as keeping the workspace signalling, order, cleaning, and general maintenance, monitoring and controlling them at all times.

· Elaborate risks Assessments and its preventive measures, depending on the H&S officer training level (basic, intermediate or superior level).

· Collaborate in the general and specific risks control, through visits, complaints, suggestions, doubts, data obtained and as many similar functions as necessary.

· In case of an emergency or first aid need, establishment of the action procedure and/or managing the intervention, designating the appropriate crew to perform the role needed.

· Cooperate with prevention services and/or with the competent authorities if necessary/request.

Advice on the selection, purchase, and use of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), as well as on the selection and installation of collective protection, considering the location and action to carry out.

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