We offer a comprehensive Health and Safety service for audiovisual and performing arts productions, Health and Safety Plan elaboration to its elaboración del Plan hasta su implementation, with an online information and training platform available that streamlines processes.


Health & Safety Plan Elaboration for the production

It is a document that includes all the risks identified according to the type of production and all the protection measures and preventive actions (collective and individual) to apply in all workspaces to be occupied and all the task/actions to perform, being updated and reviewed for its correct adequacy depending on the production changes and needs.

Every shooting day will have assigned a Risk Assessments, considering the location conditions, the crew/departments involved, the equipment used, and the actions to carry out (following the breakdown, plan data, the information obtained during the tech recce, etc.).

Specific minors’ shooting activity risk reports elaboration (under 16 years of age) to accompany the permits’ request.

For the locations that ask for a Self-Protection Plan, we draft/elaborate them to get the permit.

Technical recce locations, sets, stages, venues, etc. coordinated with the different companies concurrent, in order to identify hazards and risks to assess and propose protection and prevention measures to apply.

Advice and support for the preparation/making and perform the sequences or acts with specific security requirements: SFX, stunts, animals, DRONES, helicopters, in the water or proximity, etc.

Emergency Plan establishment: roles for the Head of Production, First intervention crew, evacuation crew, first-aid crew, firefighters, etc.

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